The Herzl Institute for the Study of Zionism was founded as an academic research center at the University of Haifa at the initiative and with the support of Dr. Reuben Hecht. Since its establishment the Institute has initiated, assisted and directed research on Zionism and the political, cultural and social history of the Return to Zion and the State of Israel. Additionally, the Institute explores issues pertaining to the dynamics of modern nationalism and Israel's national identity.

The Herzl Institute supports and directs academic research on diverse aspects of Zionism as a political idea and historical process and on the State of Israel as a Jewish homeland. The Herzl Institute publishes its findings through books, monographs and documents. It holds seminars, conferences and workshops and cultivates cooperation with scholars and organizations in Israel and abroad to promote the study of Zionism and the State of Israel.




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Visit of the Ambassador of Italy to Israel at the exhibition "En Route" in the University of Haifa








The book One Trauma, Two Perspectives, Three Years focuses on the three years following World War II, in which prominent Jewish organizations in the United States and Eretz-Israel launched a worldwide media campaign for the rehabilitation and resettlement of Holocaust survivors. More






The essay elaborates on the commemorative history of the unknown soldier in pre-state and post-independence Israel. The first part of the essay elaborates on the featuring of the “unknown soldier” in the Zionist discourse of the Jewish Yishuv.  More






The book comprises six chapters dealing with the history of public commemoration and national memory in pre-state and independent Israel. The first chapter offers insights into Zikharon and Ed (witness) in Biblical Hebrew.   More










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