dagesh2The essay elaborates on the commemorative history of the "unknown soldier" in pre-state and post-independence Israel. The first part of the essay elaborates on the featuring of the “unknown soldier” in the Zionist discourse of the Jewish Yishuv. The second part of the essay focuses on successive stages in the history of the state-sponsored project that, beginning in 1949, sought to integrate remembrance of the Unknown Soldier into the liturgical foundations of Israel’s statehood. 






dageshnew1In 1926 Max Nordau (1849-1923), Herzl's close friend and eminent Zionist leader, was re-interred in Tel Aviv. The first part of the study explores the Zionist politics underlying Nordau's re-interment in the First Hebrew City. The second part examines the design of Nordau's mausoleum as an aspect of the creation of a Zionist pantheon in Tel Aviv.