Bedouin in the Negev

Tribalism, Politics and Criticism


בדואיםבנגבThe book Bedouin in the Negev: Tribalism, Politics and Criticism brings to the Israeli reader a variety of current and historical studies examining Bedouin society in the Negev and its complex relationship with the State of Israel. The chapters of the book were written by leading researchers from the fields of planning, geography, law, gender, history, Middle Eastern studies and more. The book addresses the questions: What brought about the great success of the Islamic Movement among the Bedouin in the Negev? What are the various segments that formed the Bedouin society is in the Negev? What is the place of women in this society? What are “tribal settlements” and what are their difficulties? Is there a bias in academic research in the field and what are the reasons for it? What is the connection between the Negev Bedouin affairs, the BDS movement and Israeli sovereignty? These and other topics discussed in the book seek to expand knowledge and enrich the existing discourse in this highly relevant field both among the general public and decision makers.